About Us

Turning market research and analysis into action

Housing Market Research for All Forms of Residential DevelopmentBuilt on years of industry insight and experience, we are a unique market research and consulting group with a singular dedication to the real estate development sector. Our goal is to give our clients the knowledge and tools they need to make smart decisions and build success quickly in a complex and ever-evolving marketplace. We have the ability to work in any market nationwide and have a depth of experience that includes nearly every for sale and rental housing type from traditional single and multi-family to large-scale mixed-use and lifestyle communities. We also have a substantial base of knowledge and experience regarding specialized and income-producing housing forms, such as student, military, and senior housing, and can provide guidance for commercial development in stand-alone or mixed-use environments.


Zach Lowe, Founder and Principal of RPP,  is a real estate marketing veteran with over 14 years of experience providing market research and marketing consulting to clients in the building and development sectors throughout the United States. Client engagements have taken Zach from coast to coast to tackle a wide variety of marketing, research, and planning challenges. He has worked for large multinational corporations, smaller startup companies, trade associations, and educational and municipal organizations, among others. Along the way, he has both written and spoken on residential real estate planning and marketing topics. In 2007, Zach was awarded the highly-regarded MIRM designation from the National Association of Home Builders. Zach makes his home on Chicago’s north side and, a lifelong Cubs fan, remains hopeful that next year will be our year.


Experts in housing market research, market information, data mining and analysis, strategic planning, communications strategy, and other fields that are increasingly critical to the building and development industry, our consultants help to expand our expertise and give us extra bench strength to meet our clients’ toughest challenges.

Channel Partners

We work with a wide variety of channel partners touching every aspect of new home marketing. Acting as project leaders, we provide the research-backed knowledge base to develop complete marketing programs for builders and developers, including marketing collateral, advertising, sales center environments, and all-important Internet marketing tools.